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Motivation Dissertation: A Free Guide to Selecting Topics

Writing a motivation dissertation can become a difficult task that is why some students prefer turning to essay writing help if the topic of choice is not clearly identified. In that regard, motivation, as a theme in motivation dissertation, can be approached in many different ways, defined by the selected topic.

This article provides several ideas for a motivation dissertation, each of which can change the direction of the dissertation.

The Discipline

The first influencing factor in selecting a topic for a motivation dissertation can be seen in its corresponding discipline. Taking organizational behavior as a specialization, it can be seen that the selection of topics will differ from that of psychology. Selecting the topic for a motivation dissertation, the main point is to utilize the selected specialization as a method of solving a problem related to the dissertation theme, i.e. motivation.

For example, choosing the lack of motivation when writing a lab report as a problem in motivation dissertation will imply that in the field of education such topic can be the increase, decrease, or explanation of the lack of motivation in students.

Significance of the Problem

Additionally, choosing the topic of the motivation dissertation, the problem that will be investigated should have several conditions, which might be seen in the following points:

The problem is of concern
The problem has practical implications
The problem expands the knowledge in the selected field
The problem or one of its aspects is not solved in the literature
In that regard, it can be stated that the selection of the topic in motivation dissertation can be ordered in the following steps:

Determine the problem to solve
Check the conditions
Determine how it can be solved, assessed or explained using your field of study
Formulate the topic
Start writing your motivation dissertation

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