Welcome to Our Chapter

The NDIA Southwest Chapter consists of over 1,500 members from Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah representing professionals, small and medium enterprises, and large defense contractors in a wide array of industries serving the Defense Industrial Base.  The Chapter is committed to supporting NDIA programs and activities, to providing a means for liaison with federal government agencies and personnel and facilitating education and collaborations in support of the Defense Industrial Base within the region.


Message from the President

The NDIA Southwest Chapter is proud to be an active and important contributor to the success of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico defense community in support of the DoD mission. Our Chapter is unique in its composition, where we can connect through multiple states with various military, industry, and academic organizations to achieve common objectives. Our goal is to unite, share, learn, and innovate together. We are eager to engage directly once again in person in 2022 as favorable progress continues related to Covid 19. We are excited to support the planned 2022 calendar events and activities and continue to look for new ways for our Chapter to enhance local and overall NDIA National-level goals and events.