Welcome to Our Chapter

Welcome to Central Georgia Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). Our Chapter is based in Warner Robins, Georgia. Our primary focus is to develop a healthy and secure national security technology and innovation base that consists of government, academia, and traditional and non-traditional defense partners. PJ Vasquez, our chapter President, told you our message is simple: “Connect, share, learn and innovate.” 


1. A collaborative membership meeting with Central GA NDIA, Dixie Crow, and Carl Vinson AFA Chapter Membership will be held on Friday, the 23rd of September from 1300-1500 at the Nugteren Hangar located at the Museum of Aviation. Lt General James "Jim" Slife will be the speaker. 

2. A Central Georgia NDIA and Carl Vinson AFA Chapter Community Reception will be held on October 13th. It will be located at the MERC Auditorium, 135 Osigian Blvd, Warner Robins, GA 31088 from 1700-1830. Dress code is business casual and Spouses / Guests are welcome!

3. Robins AFB Contracting Opportunities The latest update to the Competitive Requirements Listing from the Industry Outreach Event is now available. To view it click here In the News.

4. NDIA Vital Signs 2022 Final Report is now available. This is the comprehensive DoD Industry report about the health of the industry.  If interested click here to open it. NDIA Vital Signs 2022 Final Report

5. To view Scott Boyd's MATAC briefing from the September 8th Collaborative Meeting go to In the News

6. Requirements Symposium 2022

Robins AFB and the Central Georgia Chapter of NDIA would like to thank you for making this years Requirements Symposium a success! As more details about next years event becomes available we will keep you updated here: Annual Requirements Symposium

Past Chapter President PJ Vasquez giving opening remarks.

Message from the President

3eP7RbeKTvif0xlXuh4b_CentralGA_President.jpg-T.jpgThe NDIA Central Georgia Chapter is proud to be an active and important contributor to the success of Central Georgia and the Georgia defense community providing a trusted team and partner in support of the DoD mission. Our Chapter is unique in its composition, where we can connect statewide with various military, industry, and academic organizations. Key to our unique position is that we can unite, share, learn, and innovate. We are pleased to be an active participant with Air Force and DoD senior leadership to enhance the nation’s defense capabilities. In November 2020, we launched the NDIA Central Georgia Chapter. Together with the NDIA Georgia Chapter, we can increase collaboration and keep communications flowing throughout the state of Georgia. We are planning to achieve this by establishing of new virtual speaker sessions with key senior industry, government, and academic personnel. As a young chapter, we have taken the first step toward collaboration with the local Dixie Crow Chapter, Association of Old Crows (AOC).  Together we started planning the March 2022 joint NDIA Central Georgia and Dixie Crow Symposium. We are the financial supporter along with our Georgia Chapter to sponsor the Museum of Aviation’s Space Week for 2021. We are eager to engage directly once again in person in 2021 as favorable progress continues related to Covid 19. We are excited to support the planned 2021 calendar events and activities and continue to look for new ways for our Chapter to enhance local and overall NDIA National-level goals and events.

Calendar of Events