Top 10 Issues for 2021

This list contains the NDIA Central Georgia Chapter's top issues of focus for 2021.

Issue 1. More Agile and Secure Defense Industrial Base (DIB) – Secure our vital supply chains, build a modern STEM workforce and research and development (R&D) base, Continue to modernize the defense acquisition process to fit 21st century realities and find new ways to partner private sector innovation with public sector resources.

Issue 2. Talent Management – Build entirely new talent pipelines. New emerging technologies like AI, Digital Technology, Quantum computing, and bio-surveillance, and 5G require new talent pipelines. An example would be to develop a digital corps.

Issue 3. Digital Technology – Focus on where digital technology is going and where advantage will lie. Strengthen the nation’s technology leadership by investing in talent and research.

Issue 4. Innovation – U.S. needs a vibrant innovation ecosystem, the best universities and an immigration system that draws top-tier talent from around the globe. Concerted federal government action can help stoke the fires of American innovation, securing another generation of American technological leadership

Issue 5. Small Business – Key component to national security and catalyze for creating new innovation. Small business should have a seat at the table to promote their products and services.

Issue 6. Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) – Getting cyber security right with government and private sector as a means to protect ourselves from adversaries.

Issue 7. Industry/Government/Academic Collaboration – Open collaboration between industry/government and academia to create a strong foundation for our Defense Industrial Base (DIB)

Issue 8. COVID-19 – The pandemic creates new opportunities in government, industry and academia. What is the new normal? Will it evolve? What measures are necessary to become prepared for the next one?

Issue 9. Logistics – Supply chains, rare earth elements, new logistics technology, speed of delivery, etc, will shape how our Defense Industrial Base remains competitive.

Issue 10 – Cyber – The United States must protect sensitive emerging technology R&D from adversaries who seek to acquire DIB intellectual property. To achieve this, DoD will invest in cyber defense, resilience, survivability, and the continued integration of cyber capabilities into the full spectrum of military operations. NDIA Central Georgia chapter is engaging with a non-traditional company to introduce innovation strategy to improve delivery of their products and services.